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Hosted VoIP Products

Get Compliant with 911 Laws

All businesses must comply with two laws governing Enhanced 911 - Kari's Law and Ray Baum's Act. Our cloud communications platform can help your organization comply with the rules governing Enhanced 911.

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Integrated Automatic Call Distribution as a Service

Integrated ACD is a cloud-based service that provides routing and queuing with basic supervisory and agent features, making it ideal for companies that don't require an advanced contact center solution, but need incoming calls handled quickly and efficiently.

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Audio Conferencing

On-demand audio conferencing is an easy-to-use service that enhances your business productivity. It's a low-cost and complete solution capable of hosting hundreds of attendees with no reservations required and no time limits imposed. Simply enter your virtual conference number and ID code. It's that easy!

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Auto Attendant As-a-Service

Auto attendant as-a-service simulates a live operator by directing incoming callers to the right department, employee or voice mailbox. The service allows you to handle inbound calls with a host of features easily managed through your phone or our web-based portal.

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Call Recording

If your company makes and takes calls from customers, suppliers or partners, or if you have a call center, then call recording is a must. Most importantly, it can help you comply with regulatory requirements, but it's also useful for training, ensuring quality and, if needed, resolving disputes.

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Cloud Contact Center-as-a-Service

Our Cloud Contact Center leverages the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model to deliver a customizable and easy-to-use call center solution. Access all the advanced communication tools at your fingertips to help you in enhancing your customer experience, delivering outstanding support, increasing revenues and building better customer relationships.

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Cloud Contact Center Reports

With hundreds of reports at your fingertips, you'll have access to vital metrics, performance data and other KPIs that you need to assess and review in order to make informed decisions.

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CRM Integration

Customer experience – the total customer interaction with your company – is a primary combat zone for competitors in a service economy. Businesses like yours want ways to make their interactions with customers faster and frictionless. Our Cloud UC-CRM integrations do both.

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Dynamic Notifications

Every customer touch point matters – not only sales or service calls, but also day-to-day appointment reminders, delivery notifications and promotions. As your business grows, the volume of routine communications also grows, challenging your sales and service teams to deliver a consistent customer experience.

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Hosted Hospitality Suite

Running a hospitality business comes with its own set of demands, complexities and challenges. Moving your communications to the cloud allows you to focus on delivering hospitality while improving productivity, automating guest services and maximizing revenue.

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Secure Cloud Faxing with Hosted Fax

Stationary fax machines are a thing of the past. Today, you need a faxing solution that's more flexible – one that can meet the demands of an increasingly mobile, all-digital world. Our Hosted Fax solution is the answer. Hosted Fax delivers the functionality you expect from traditional fax machines plus the flexibility, cost advantages and advance capabilities of a modern cloud service.

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Cloud communications With Hosted PBX

Our hosted communications solution has the flexibility to support all types of work and workers. Choose from full-featured IP desktop phones, wireless handsets and conferencing systems. If desired, pair with our MaX UC softphone for desktop or mobile devices.

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Internet Fax to Fax Solution

Our unique Internet Fax to Fax solution is not affected by jitter or packet loss and works perfectly even over the poorest of Internet connections, including Wi-Fi and satellite. In fact, our success rate for fax delivery is even higher than over analog lines.

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MaX Meeting Conferencing and Collaboration Tools

80% of business meetings now include remote employees, partners, and customers. Conferencing and collaboration tools are must haves to boost productivity and remain competitive in an always-on world. MaX Meeting makes it easy.

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Cloud-ready Online Events with MaX Meeting

Our MaX Meeting Webinar platform offers incredible scale required for online events without sacrificing quality of affordability. We go a step further to deliver a platform that's simple and intuitive for you, your presenters and attendees to operate while including multimedia and interactivity features that provide a personalized and engaging experience.

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MaX UC: Unified Communications as a Service

Access powerful communications features whether you're working from the office, home or on the road. MaX UC is a user-downloadable application that extends IJC capabilities to computers, tablets or smartphones. It's the ideal solution if you have remote and mobile workers - especially those that bring their own device

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Harness the Power of Microsoft Teams

Our Direct Routing service transforms your Microsoft Teams application* into an advanced business phone system, so you can make and take calls with external customers or vendors from the same Teams workspace you use for collaboration.

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Better Business Communications with SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking replaces the physical connections to your communications system with less expensive and more flexible SIP connections. SIP Trunking eliminates the need for traditional analog, Tl or PRI lines and moves your business into the advanced world of IP communications.

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Cloud Communications Security with VoIP Network Security

Cloud communication providers may offer similar services that seem the same. The reality is many don't provide the same level of security and compliance businesses should expect from a cloud provider. In this time of constant attacks and ransomware events, your organization must determine if your provider meets the leading industry requirements for compliance and security.

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