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Are You Looking for a Professional Phone System with High-Tech Android Tools, Personalized Service AND Save Money?

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Softphone App for Android and iOS Grandstream Wave

Great for working remotely!

Softphone App for Android™ and iOS™

Grandstream Wave is a FREE softphone application that allows users to make and receive voice calls through their business phone lines on any Android or iOS device from anywhere in the world! Business and residential users always have access to their business lines and can easily keep in touch with business or personal contacts without using expensive cellular data plans.

App supports up to 6 lines, 6-way voice conferencing and integrates with your Grandstream phone system.

Video Guides - Grandstream Wave Desktop

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An Android Desk Phone With All Of Today's Best Technology!

GXV3380, The High-End Smart Video Phone for Android™

By combining a state-of-the-art video phone, an advanced video collaboration solution, and the functionality of an Android tablet, the GXV3380 offers businesses throughout the world a powerful desktop communication and productivity solution.

Your all-in-one communications solution!

GXV-3380 VoIP Phone

Call Today to get a FREE Grandstream Wave Mobile App With Each Phone!

Top 10 Benefits

  1. High end video phone with built in Android tablet with 8” touchscreen.
  2. Mobile app for your cell phone. Never miss a call in or out of the office.
  3. Direct phone number for each phone, Text Messaging, Voice Mail to E-Mail, Call Record and Fax to E-Mail.
  4. 160 programmable buttons for Intercom and to always know who’s on the phone. One touch access, no extension list needed. You can plug in a Square device, load app, and take credit cards from your phone.
  5. Conference calls are finally easy. Have 6 party conference calls right from your phone. Includes Conference Bridge for up to 32 parties. Two microphones with HD sound for clear conference calls.
  6. Unlimited long distance in USA, Canada and Mexico.
  1. Use apps that your customers use, What’s App, Skype, Zoom and other apps from the Google Play store. It’s a Video Phone and it’s Android. You can even download the Ring App and see who is at your front door.
  2. Bluetooth is standard, you can use the same headset you use with your cell phone. You can even Bluetooth connect your cell phone and answer it from your desk phone. Download up to 2000 contacts from your cell phone into your desk phone.
  3. Just like your cell phone, make a separate ring tone for each contact so you can hear who is calling along with caller ID, name, and number.
  4. An Android desk phone with today’s technology, still with all the same features you had with your old system like Intercom buttons for employees, easy transferring, and yes putting calls on hold.

Let Us Help You With All Your Telephone Needs

Current VoIP phones seem like the old home phones, they have a handset and a dial pad, and that’s about it.

Hosted solutions are monthly FOREVER. You can purchase equipment with no monthly or lease at a lower cost than hosted, and you own the equipment at the end. No end with Hosted VoIP.

Our Current technology lease lets you upgrade to new equipment at the same monthly price.

Got your phones from a cable company or cloud provider that mailed you the phones, dialing an 800 number for service and never getting the same person explaining your problem over and over again. We are local! You dial a local number and we send a certified technician in a fully stocked truck to you.

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