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Dynamic Notifications

Harness the Full Power of Digital Communications

The Secret to a Scalable, Seamless Customer Experience

Every customer touch point matters – not only sales or service calls, but also day-to-day appointment reminders, delivery notifications and promotions. As your business grows, the volume of routine communications also grows, challenging your sales and service teams to deliver a consistent customer experience.

Automated & Personalized Communications

Our Dynamic Notification solution can help you deliver seamless and personalized interactions by automating outbound communications with your customers using their preferred channel:

Text messaging

Email messaging

voice messaging

Applications Across the Customer Lifecycle

Dynamic Notification can be used to automate a range of communications throughout the customer lifecycle – from purchase to payment.

Sales & Marketing

  • Campaigns
  • Promotions
  • Orders

Service Delivery

  • Deliveries
  • Installation
  • Reservations

Customer Care

  • Scheduling
  • Reminders
  • Satisfaction Surveys


  • Account Balances
  • Payments
  • Collections


Cloud Contact Center enables multiple channels of communications between your customers and your sales and service teams. Dynamic Notification expands their capabilities exponentially by:

  • Automating routine interactions
  • Freeing up agents to resolve service issues
  • Enabling sales reps to focus on selling
  • Generating sales leads with no human intervention
  • Increasing on-time payments
  • Decreasing no-shows for appointments and deliveries
  • Reducing trouble calls with pre-emptive notifications
  • Improving customer satisfaction


Dynamic Notification functionality is tightly integrated in our Cloud Contact Center giving your customers the option to respond and reach a live agent.

Manage text campaigns from the Cloud Contact Center Admin Portal:

  • Build and access a library of message and phrase templates
  • Schedule voice, email or SMS messages
  • Access text-to-speech capabilities in six voices with English, Spanish and French options

Access reports from the Dynamic Notification Dashboard:

  • See real-time campaign status
  • Export campaign reports
Dynamic Notification interface


Dynamic Notification can be enabled with our Cloud Contact Center solution paired with our hosted PBX, or any premises-based PBX connected to our SIP Trunking service.

  • Health Care
    Appointment Reminders
  • Real Estate
    Open Houses & Visits
  • Travel & Hospitality
    Reservations & Surveys
  • Services
    Installation & Outage Notifications
  • Banking
    Account Balances & Payments
  • Transportation
    Pick-up Reminders & Scheduling
  • Retail & B2C
    Deliveries, Orders, Promotions & Collections
  • Education
    Notices, Weather & Emergency Alerts
  • Utilities
    Robocall Activity, Outages, Updates & Collections