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Hosted Hospitality Suite

Harness the power of cloud communications


Running a hospitality business comes with its own set of demands, complexities and challenges. Moving your communications to the cloud allows you to focus on delivering hospitality while improving productivity, automating guest services and maximizing revenue.

  • No Capital Expenditures
    For years, hotels have had to buy or lease a premises Private Branch Exchange (PBX). Hosted PBX changes all that, eliminating the need for onsite systems and telco services. Everything is included! Hosted PBX is ideal for opening a new property on budget, replacing an end-of-life PBX, or moving to flexible opex models.
  • Future-Proof Functionality
    Premises phone systems have a limited lifespan and costly maintenance contracts. Hosted PBX is a subscription service that includes all updates. Plus, you get unlimited scalability and added redundancy at an affordable rate. And, you can more easily add new functionality, such as Enhanced 911 to comply with recent laws.
  • Designed for Your Property
    Our solution can meet your property's unique needs – whether that's providing wake-up calls and phone service or fully integrating telephony with your Property Management System (PMS). Upgrade to IP phones and data cabling or use your existing room phones and cabling to keep costs low and install easy.


Tools for Your Staff

  • Voice
  • Mobility
  • SMS/Text Messaging
  • Presence
  • Conferencing
  • Contact Center

Services for Your Guests

  • Self-Service/Operator-Assisted Wake-Up Calls
  • Direct Room Dialing
  • Do-Not-Disturb
  • Voice Mail
  • Enhanced 911

High-Tech, High-Touch & Lower Cost

There's enormous pressure on venues – from small economy hotels to famous luxury brands – to improve technology and lower expenses. Our hospitality communications solution fills the bill.

Every department – front office, guest services, food and beverage, housekeeping, security and engineering – can leverage our platform's functionality and features to improve operational efficiency, increase productivity and enhance guest experiences.


Future-proof Solution

Our scalable phone system "as a service" is continuously updated at no additional cost. We handle all the details – phones, installation, training, ongoing service and upgrades – so you can focus on your guests.

Feature-Rich Endpoints

Choose from full-featured desktop phones, wireless handsets and conferencing systems to fit your needs. Pair with the Max UC app to extend UC capabilities to desktop PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones.


Only pay for the service you need at a flat rate per phone, per month. We offer leading IP phones, but you also can reuse your analog phones. Plus, zero maintenance frees up IT staff to focus on strategic projects.

No-Hassle Administration

Our web-based CommPortal gives your admins and users the power to manage user profiles, features, contacts, messages, call routing, simultaneous ring, "find-me, follow-me" and more via an intuitive control panel.

Advanced Add-On Features

  • CRM Integration
  • Contact Center
  • Call Paging & Intercom
  • Web & Video Collaboration
  • Call Recording
  • Robocall Blocking
  • Call Accounting
  • SMS Messaging

Hospitality Features

  • PMS Integration
    Our solution integrates with leading property management systems to provide a single interface for managing guest services such as communications, room status and minibar usage – from check in to check out via any web-enabled device.
  • Guestroom Messaging
    Our automation technology delivers welcome greetings when your guests first arrive and other messages during their stay.
  • Guest Services Management
    With InnDesk Web Console, your staff can remotely manage guestrooms to schedule wake-up calls, note checked-in or clean/dirty status, set permissions and language preferences, and more – all from any PC on your hotel's network.
  • Room Status Interface
    Enable housekeeping to report the status of a room from either a web or in-room telephone interface to the PMS and the InnDesk web console.
  • Enhanced 911
    Comply with laws requiring hotels to enable 911 access without dialing a prefix to reach an outside line, to notify the front desk or security office when a 911 call is made, and to provide location information, such as room number to emergency dispatch.
  • Detailed Reporting
    Access reports on wake-up call schedules and activity, including pending and failed wakeup with alerts routed to specific locations or staff.