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Cloud Contact Center

Harness the power of contact center-as-a-service


Feature Silver Gold Platinum
Service provider administration
Service provider administration portal
IVR studio graphical IVR scripting tool
Queue features
Blended voice agents (inbound/outbound)
Callback request visibility
Change call priority or queue of call in real-time
Change callback priority, retry period in real-time
Click-to-call queuing
Email queuing Optional
Exit queue with voicemail
In-queue caller ID/name display visibility
In-queue priority callback requests
In-queue voicemail to email
Inbound voice queues
Queued/automated outbound calls
Social media mail queuing (twitter/facebook)
Universal ACD (multichannel/modal queues)
Webchat queuing Optional
Call center group features
Agent logged into multiple queues
Agent unavailable reason codes customizable
Agent wrap timer
Agent wrap-up (manual)
Automatic agent logout (unanswered calls)
Alerts when thresholds met
Configurable alerts
Configurable zero-out key
Disposition / wrap-up codes (customizable)- call level
Dnis support
Max calls in queue
Max time in queue
Multiple ACD groups
Multiple DIDs per queue
Multiple language support
Priority queuing
Re-queue calls cnanswered by ringing agent
Screen pop - CRM integration
Service levels configurable
Set max queue length
Zero out of queue
Supervisor capabilities
Alerting - customizable
Configurable thresholds for real-time display and email/SMS alerts
Configure contact center settings
Customizable agent statuses
Email notification when thresholds are met
Graphical statistics dashboards
Login restrictions
One-click business continuity capability
Real-time statistics display
Role-based and granular access levels
Schedule mobile agents
Real-time statistics display
Role-based and granular access levels
Schedule mobile agents
Silent monitor
Supervisor real-time dashboard
Supervisor web client
View Agents in multiple queues simultaneously
Quality management
Call recording tagged with dispositions and agent notes
IVR survey (in queue, agent transfer, or auto transfer)
Screen capture and recording Optional
Quality evaluation Optional
Agent chat logs
Check Web chat logs
Agent capabilities
Agent ACD pass code
Agent available/unavailable
Agent login/logout
Phonebook directory
Logged in agent directory
Call history - dialed, received, missed
Call control (conference, transfer, hold)
Conference in supervisor
Log into multiple groups simultaneously
Initiate/interrupt recording
PC desktop agent client (English, French, Spanish)
Web client - agent (English, French, Spanish)
Agent productivity
CRM-integrated screen pop
IVR data and call info screen pop
Agent scripting tool
Inter-agent presence view
Inter-agent chat
Integrated agent view of queues/wait times
Global daily statistics view
Personal agent statistics view
GUI call transfer (agent, queue, external)
Configurable hot keys
Ergonomic features (minimum keystrokes, body neutral posture)
Standard Reports General
After-hours calls
Abandoned calls
Unanswered calls
Calls distribution
Volume of calls
Voicemail analysis with details
Complete call and email detail records
Call distribution with chats and emails
Dialout calls
Dialout attempts
Standard reports - queue
Queue productivity by 30-minute intervals
Daily queue productivity
Weekly queue productivity
Monthly queue productivity
Yearly queue productivity
Daily queue summary
Monthly queue summary
Queue callback stats
Missed callbacks
Individual callback stats
Queue productivity by 30 minutes with chat and emails
Daily queue productivity with chats and emails
Monthly queue productivity with chats and emails
Weekly queue productivity with chats and emails
Yearly queue productivity with chats and emails
Standard reports - agents
Agent activity by 30 minute intervals
Daily agent activity
Weekly agent activity
Monthly agent activity
Yearly agent activity
Agent performance
Agent utilization
Agent utilization total average
Agent status trace
Agent login-logout time
Daily agent activity (with missed calls)
Daily agent activity (with chats and emails)
Standard reports - call tracking
Call tracking with grouping
Call tracking without grouping
Call tracking (all fields)
Call tracking with grouping (with )
Outbound call tracking
Call tracking summary - inbound/outbound
Call tracking with outbound calls (all fields)
Inbound-outbound calls tracking
Inbound/outbound call tracking with grouping
Customized reporting
Optional report Customizations
Routing capabilities
After-hours routing
Call delivery circular
Call delivery next available
Emergency treatment
Forced forwarding
Holiday routing
Overflow calls
Overflow secondary
Overflow number
Re-queue if unanswered
Skills-based routing
Intelligent routing
Identity routing (by CLID, CRM)
ANI or geography-based routing
Routing by DNIS
Routing by type of day
Routing by time of day
Queue priority routing
Agent priority routing
CRM-based routing
Configurable outbound caller ID (by team, agent, call)
Comfort message
Dynamic announcements - queue position/wait time
Entrance message
Estimated wait message
Music-on-hold message
Periodic/multiple announcements
Whisper message on answer
Advanced IVR
GUI IVR development
Self-service IVR with data dips (read/write)
Call-in prompt recording
Prompt file uploads
IVR bulletins
Queue bulletins
Multilingual support (English, Spanish, French)
Outbound IVR notification with reconnect to queue option
Directory integrations
Logged-in agents directory
Personal directory (phonebook)
Call recording
Call record always
Call record on demand
Workforce scheduling
Schedule optimization
Adherence (real-time and reporting)
Vacation automation
Agent shift-trade marketplace