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Current Technology for a Fixed Price

June 29th, 2017 by admin


Each month it's the same thing - your business IT needs a serious update, but the company finances can't afford a sudden spike in equipment expenses. Your technology gets older and more out of date, leading to more problems and slower working. That's why Teletronics offers a special program aimed at providing customers with the latest technologies for a fixed monthly price. Our Current Technology Program (C-TAP) aims to renew, replace, or refresh your IT regularly, so your business benefits from modern, regularly updated hardware and software.

You don't have to worry about large, unexpected expenses or figuring out way in advance when you can afford an update. In addition, you save the trouble of finding service providers and comparing deals in the store. As your technology partner, Teletronics handles the sourcing and installation of new equipment and applications on your behalf. This let's you focus on your business, while saving money long-term!

If you're tired of trying to get your work done with a dusty old monitor and slow computer - check out our C-TAP program to upgrade your business IT.

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