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Keeping your Equipment Up-to-date

March 3rd, 2017 by admin


We get it, you don't want to upgrade your IT equipment due to the high costs of getting a new system. Finance won't approve big expenditures, and you need to keep an eye on the budget. On the other hand, your team is stuck with unreliable and obsolete equipment, hindering them from being efficient. They are asking for new tools and applications to make their work easier and productive, but you don't know how. Technology keeps evolving so fast, that by the time you've almost found a way to cover the costs, there's a better system on the market. We can help you identify the right equipment for your business needs and productivity, without the big up-front costs.

With Teletronic's Current Technology Assurance Program (C-TAP), you can renew, refresh, or replace your out-dated IT without any stress on your end. By signing up for the program, you pay a flat monthly fee, in exchange for current technology and protection of your IT infrastructure. We ensure that you are working with the latest quality technologies based on what you need. We'll also make sure your equipment is upgraded and receives software patches when needed. Whether you need a new VoIP, video, cloud computing, data, or infrastructure system, Teletronics can take care of your IT requirements. You can count on us to assist you using our extensive experience with managed IT, business phone, and internet services, working together to create the communications system that your business needs.

Learn more about our C-TAP program and the many services we provide on our website.

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